The Masked Saint (2016)


Based on a true story, The Masked Saint is about a professional wrestler who leaves the sport to pursue the life as a pastor in a small Michigan town. Along the way, he decides to earn money for the church and his growing family by stepping back into the ring.

With a very heavy religious tone, this movie seems to fall flat of what it was advertised in the trailer…the wrestling. This movie lacks in that it should have had actual professional wrestlers preforming the in ring scenes. Other than Roddy Piper, there are no wrestlers that I could tell. They just got a bunch of actors that are in good shape to play the roles of wrestlers even though they could’ve gotten local talent for about the same rate if not less.


The story is a good one, and fairly easy to follow. It seems a bit rushed, but overall it has good flow. The script and acting are both very good, and other than the terrible action scenes, there’s not much I can say about the film. It’s a good viewing if you enjoy biopics or real stories. I would pass on it though if you are a fan of wrestling looking for a wrestling film with good action that takes the wrestling seriously.

The Masked Saint- IMDb
The Masked Saint Trailer


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