Some Advice For Wrestlemania Weekend

It’s finally here people, it’s Wrestlemania weekend! It’s that special time of year where the entire wrestling world comes together for one amazing night of action. Now whether your a wrestling fan or not, I have a few things that you should do to make the weekend better for everyone.

Wrestling fans:
Just be a fan this weekend. Don’t try to figure out who’s going to win or what surprises are going to happen. Don’t worry about a wrestler going somewhere else or how they are trying to book a new wrestler. Just be a fan of wrestling. You’re not working in WWE, so don’t worry about that stuff. Also if your favorite doesn’t win, don’t be all salty and rant about how “Vince isn’t in touch anymore” or “WWE doesn’t listen to it’s fans” That just makes you sound like an idiot. Just sit back, eat some food, drink some drinks and enjoy the weekend or wrestling no matter what shows or organizations you are watching.

Non-Wrestling fans:
Let us have our fun. Don’t be that guy who says “you know it’s fake right” or crap like that. You know those Marvel movies or Walking Dead or Breaking Bad that you all love so much? Hate to break the news to you, but those are fake shows. Walkers don’t really exist and Iron Man is a fictional character. Think about it this way. Would you go outside of a theater and make fun of people in line to see a play saying “you know it’s all fake right?” Of course not. So why do it to wrestling fans. We know what it is, and we love it. Let us have fun this weekend and enjoy our silly wrestling and we’ll let you enjoy your Avengers movie in a couple weeks. Deal?

Again, I hope everyone has a great Mania weekend.